The simplest way to manage picking up the tab.


Tired of always paying when you're out with your deadbeat friends? Deadbeat is the fastest and easiest way to find out who pays the bill. This app splits the bill evenly and keeps track of who paid and how much. Next time you're out, Deadbeat knows who owes the most money and nails 'em. No more trying to figure out IOUs for your lunch group or golfing buddies - just pick the players and spot the Deadbeat.


See it in action


Add participants to your list.

Lunch group, drinking group,
golf group...whatever.  Add
them all to your participants
list and keep the tabs even...

Choose from your contact list
or add free-form names.
When the next bill comes, tap
the people who are with you and
see who's turn it is to pay.
The participant who owes
the most to the selected
group is the deadbeat.

The pay button next to the
deadbeat pulses.
Tap the pay button beside
the person who is going to pay this time (it doesn't have to be the deadbeat).

Enter the total amount and the
bill will be assumed evenly
split between the participants.
Individual debt is recorded so
that the deadbeat can be
determined in any group.
No more deadbeats.