Getting there. Easily. On Time.


Mappts allows you to create travel-time based appointments, right in Apple Maps.

Why You Need It

Calendar already handles travel time so that's not new, but setting up an appointment with travel time can be a chore. With the Mappts Share Extension, you can use the Maps App to find a location and create an event without ever opening Calendar.

What if you're not at the same location where you created the appointment, but you still want to know when to leave so you get there on time? Mappts' got you covered. Simply swipe on the travel time to update it using your new location.

You need to be in Chicago next week. You book your flight. You need to be at the airport 2 hours before hand; but when do you leave home to get there?
Search It. Mappts it. Good to Go.
Your wife just called. She wants to meet you for lunch downtown at a new restaurant. How long will it take to get there? When should you leave work?
Search It. Mappts it. Good to Go.


  • simple and fast user interface
  • integration with Apple Maps
  • connects directly to Apple Calendar
  • repeat events easily
  • update travel-time from anywhere at any time


Locate your destination using the Apple Maps app. Don't ask for directions.

Use the Mappts Share Extension icon to send it to Mappts.
Enter your appointment information.
You will be reminded to leave in time to get where you need to go. No more guessing.
You can update the travel time to your current location at any time by swiping left and selecting Update.

The Update button will only be available once the new travel time becomes available.
Mappts shows your future appointments along with the destination.

A long press on the map image opens Apple Maps.
Leave on time. Arrive on time.